The Skating Race 26 km
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The Skating Race 26 km

The Skating Race 26 km

Date: Saturday, 10.03.2018

Start: 11:00 a.m.

starting groups: (relevant date January 1st 2018)
Youth YoB 2000 and younger (male and female)
19 - 30 years YoB 1999 - 1988 (male and female)
31 - 40 years YoB 1987 - 1978 (male and female)
41 - 50 years YoB 1977 - 1968 (male and female)
51 - 60 years YoB 1967 - 1958 (male and female)
over 60 years YoB 1957 and older (male and female)

Starting order:
The start will be realized as a mass start with different, delayed starts of each starting block.
Block 1a: The 100 fastest Kammlauf runners of the year 2016 as general ranking, not depending on the sex. (if they registered until 21.01.2018)
Block 1b: EUROLOPPET BLOCK for EuroLoppet Passportholders and FIS Code holders
Block 2 and 3: According to date of sign in, if the entryfee is payed correctly.

Results / Awards:
Winner of Kammlauf in Skating technique 26 km (male /female)
Place 1 -3 will receive goblets and diplomas. Top 6 in overall will get presents.
Finishing diplomas for every finisher can be printed out online after the competition.

Controlpoint Carlsfeld after 90 minutes running time. Deadline at finish at 2 p.m. after 180 min. running time.

We offer parking lots at Skistadium Mühlleithen. If you use navigation please set 08248 Klingenthal, crossing of B283 and Floßgrabenweg 1 as your destination.

Professional Holmenkol-Waxservice will be offered, close to the starting area.

Catering for starters will be offered on course and in the finish area.

The organizer, which carries out the competition is not responsible for all kinds of accidents and damages. We indicate that is your duty to have an insurance.